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Fire-n-the-Hole™ Broadhead has been field tested since 2009. It lives up to all of the claims we advertise about it. Over these years we have taken whitetails, turkeys, pronghorn antellope, hogs, and bear with the broadhead during live hunting expeditions.

The Fire-n-the-Hole™ Broadhead does what every other broadhead claims to do:kill quickly and leave a huge blood just does it faster and bigger than the rest!


The Fire-n-the-Hole™ Broadhead is a 3-blade, fixed, 100-grain broadhead (also offered in 110 & 125 grain), providing exceptional stability, quick kill impact and astounding field point accuracy.

The revolutionary cutting ring design of the Fire-n-the-Hole™ Broadhead acts as a stabilizer, allowing air to pass through the center of the ring. As the ring slices through the air, the arrow holds its course for unequivocal field point accuracy all the way to the target.

Designed with quick kills and minimal tracking distance in mind, Fire-n-the-Hole's cutting ring design blows a 1 inch hole through an animal, creating a huge wound channel--too large to be clotted by blood. Unlike conventional, non-ringed, fixed 3-blade broadheads, Fire-n-the-Hole™ Broadhead cuts in all directions...not just on a 2-dimensional plane.

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