Why A Four Inch Broadhead?

Why A Four Inch Broadhead?

Forty-five years ago when I started bow hunting there was limited equipment to choose from. Compound bows existed, but there was no pro-shops down the street, in the next town, or even in the same county. Still bow hunting was fascinating to me. Ninety days to hunt! Not only hunt but get close, real close, 15 yards close. Then when you mastered that skill you had to make that shot count, slide it in the ribs. Hope for enough penetration to give you a blood trail to find the deer. The anxious minutes or hours between the shot and recovery was brutal.

Forty-five years later look at all the advancements to archery equipment which has happened. Lighter, faster, stronger bows and arrows. Bows that shoot over 300 FPS. Arrows have advanced to aluminum, and then to carbon. Sites went from metal pins to lighted, to single pins, to who know what's next. Lighted knocks, drop away rest, clothing, foot-wear, Gore-tec, Thinsilate, and so on.

What kind of advancement have we had on broadheads in those years? Well I remember the old Bear two blade coming out with a slot in it for a bleeder bar to be added. Then a three bladed broadhead was introduced to our area when a bow shop opened 20 miles away. Then the Muzzy came out. Then a few years later mechanicals showed up on the shelves after my state made them legal. With all these advancements bow hunting has become easier, more efficient. Yet there are still those anxious minutes after the shot, until the animal is recovered that are hard to take.

Enter the 4-inch Slang Blade by Fire N The Hole. 4 inches of cut through vitals makes this the answer to those anxious moments. 20-30 yards on lung shots. But here is where Slang Blade is in a category by itself, liver and gut shots. These shots are now lethal. It does not take hours for the animal to expire. You don't have to wait hours before you go to find the recipient of a bad shot. You can pursue in minutes. Liver shots will expire around 100 yards. Gut shots are usually around 100 yards, with an occasional animal passing that distance, but very rare. It's the cut, the damage the Slang Blade does on these errant shot that makes it so lethal. Animals expire in less than a minute on bad shots. Most of the time seconds. We make these claims from kills in the field, on real animals, on real hunts. Get you a pack of Slang Blades today and see the difference 4 inches make.

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