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Fire-N-The-Hole Fixed Blade Broadhead

Fire-N-The-Hole™ Broadhead has been field tested since 2009. It lives up to all of the claims we advertise about it. Over these years we have taken whitetails, turkeys, pronghorn antellope, hogs and bear with this broadhead during live hunting expeditions.

The Fire-N-The-Hole™ Broadhead does what every other broadhead claims to do; it kills quickly and leaves a huge blood trail...it just does it faster and bigger than the rest!

The Fire-N-The-Hole™ Broadhead is a 3-blade, fixed, 100-grain broadhead (also offered in 125 grain), providing exceptional stability, quick kill impact and astounding field point accuracy. The revolutionary cutting ring design of the Fire-N-The-Hole™ Broadhead acts as a stabilizer, allowing air to pass through the center of the ring. As the ring slices through the air, the arrow holds its course for unequivocal field point accuracy all the way to the target. Designed with quick kills and minimal tracking distance in mind, Fire-N-The-Hole's cutting ring design blows a 1 inch hole through an animal, creating a huge wound channel--too large to be clotted by blood. Unlike conventional, non-ringed, fixed 3-blade broadheads, Fire-N-The-Hole™ Broadhead cuts in all directions...not just on a 2-dimensional plane.

Fire-N-The-Hole Detonator Bowfishing Tip

The Detonator is the first of its kind with retractable barbs of over 3 inches, which provides a sturdy holding area for any size fish. It also has an impressive length of over 4 inches! The Detonator is made of HIGH-GRADE STAINLESS STEEL, making it durable enough for use in both fresh and saltwater! Fish removal is the easiest and fastest on the market! We have eliminated having to turn the tip to remove fish, with The Detonator simply pull the tip and slide the fish off!

Fire-N-The-Hole 4-inch Mechanical Broadhead 

The 4-inch mechanical is a different design from other mechanical broadhead on the market with 2 goals in mind:  1) A firing mechanism that guarantees to open ever time and 2) the largest cutting radius than any other broadhead. 

Size:  The 4-inch cut is attained by removing the ferrule out that the traditional broadheads have and replacing it with the weight of the cutting blades.  This gives the blades four times more material than traditional blades of other broadheads.  Each blade weighs 37.5 grains, which means that 75% of the weight of the broadhead is in the blades.  This turns blades into small knives, which are tough enough to cut through skin, fur, flesh, bone, vital organs, etc.  At 50-thousandths thick and 200-thousandths wide, this makes the 4-inch mechanical an exceptionally durable broadhead that gets the job done. 

Cut:  The blades are sharpened in one direction, like the blade of a lawnmower or scissors, sharpened on the point making the broadhead cut on contact.  This gives the broadhead superb accuracy as it spins through the air closed and continues spinning through the animal at 4 inches width for unmatched penetration for such a large broadhead. 

Opening Mechanism:  The most common complaint of the mechanical broadhead is that it does not open.  We have designed a broadhead that opens using angles, friction, and levers that upon striking the deer must open. The cut-on-contact blades engage the deer and cut in like knives, and the friction and angle move the blades out to the sides as it slices through and enters the vitals cavity.  This mechanism fully opens within the first inch of engaging the animal and will be open at 4 inches while passing through the vitals. This broadhead saves enough kinetic energy to get a pass-though, leaving you a superb trail to follow.  With the amount of damage this broadhead does, you should be able to watch your animal expire.