The Detonator Bowfishing Tip + Arrow (1)

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The DETONATOR is the first of its kind! This bowfishing tip eliminates having to unscrew your tip to release fish! Simply pull on the tip until it clicks! The barbs retract allowing simple and easy removal of your arrow. It has been field tested by individuals and professionals in the bowfishing industry to ensure quality & that it works in all bowfishing conditions. The DETONATOR bowfishing tip has the fastest fish removal, strongest holding power in the industry BAR NONE!!!!

This bowfishing tip is not designed strictly for freshwater fish such as Grass Carp, Asian Carp, Drum, Suckers, Buffalo, Gar or any other non-game fish your state allows you to pursue. It can also be used in Saltwater as well and provides more holding power than any other bow fishing tip on the market, with a whopping 3" of holding power to be exact. Whether you are shooting Skate, Stingrays, Flounder, Sheepshead and even Sharks! The Detonator Tip is perfect for all your saltwater bowfishing needs.

Stage 1:
As you shoot your arrow, the barbs are contained within the body of the ferrule with the tip fully extended.

Stage 2:
As your arrow hits the fish, the tip is pushed back and the DETONATOR barbs are released.

Stage 3:
After the arrow has either fully penetrated the fish or stops forward motion, the DETONATOR barbs force their way out. Making it difficult for any rough fish to dislodge the arrow!

Stage 4:
After the fish has been successfully retrieved, removal of the arrow is simple and fast. Simply grasp the tip and pull until is clicks. This retracts the barbs back into the ferrule and allows you to pull the arrow out of the fish.

*If the arrow has not fully passed through he fish, you will need to push the arrow through the rest of the way.

A small entry hole without a lot of damage to the fish ensuring MAXIMUM penetration and retrieving power.
Barbs expand just over three inches, giving you the most coverage after pass through, to increase your retrieval percentage!
This patented design makes removing your fish SIMPLE. No more loosening the tip, Simply pull the tip until it locks in place!
The 550 Grain tip helps the arrow penetrate further into the water for increased range!
With the Detonator, you can fight your fish and not have to chase it with the boat or walk it like a dog!

5/16" Fiberglass Shaft - 35" (L)
3" (W) When Detonator barbs expanded