3 Pack - Broadheads $39.95 + S&H

Fire N The Hole Broadheads

Welcome to the world's fastest killing broadhead.

FIRE-N-THE-HOLE will cut a 1" hole through hair, skin, flesh, bone, and vitals. This creates a wound channel with devastating stopping power.

Recovery of your animal after being cored out by FIRE-N-THE-HOLE is an average of 3 seconds or 30 yards. Your game will go down so close and so fast you will not have to track it because you can see it!

NO LOST GAME! No anxious moments wondering if you you will be able to find your game. No waiting to recover your animal.

FIRE-N-THE-HOLE's goal is to kill the animal as fast as possible and a 1" hole will do just that. The diameter is a big as a 10 gauge shot shell. With all that destruction this broadhead kills faster than any other broadhead and as fast as most guns.


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