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Experience unparalleled hunting success with the Fire-N-The-Hole broadheads, designed to bring your animal down fast and efficiently. With an impressive average recovery distance of 30 yards, you'll spend less time tracking and more time ensuring your game is safely home and ready for processing. Choose from the Fire-N-The-Hole 1x4 Tomahawk mechanical 100 grain broadhead or the Fire-N-The-Hole Ring Sidewinder broadhead 100 grain, and give you the best opportunity to recover your animal.

Experience Unmatched Precision

The advanced technology behind these broadheads creates a wound channel of devastating stopping power, giving you the next level edge to make more effective killing shots. When it comes to unmatched stopping power, nothing rivals the Fire-N-The-Hole broadheads. With a true 1" hole created by the fixed blades or the 4-inch cut created by the 1x4 Tomahawk Broadhead you can elevate your hunting game to the next level and bring them down fast!

Witness Devastating Results

The Fire-N-The-Hole Broadheads creates a huge wound channel for next level, quick, ethical kills. These broadhead designs create the largest wound channels on the market. A fixed blade with a cutting ring which makes a true 1-inch hole. A mechanical which makes a 4-inch cut. No other brand of broadhead has the kill zone (between the front and back legs) like Fire N The Hole. 

Installation / Prep

Who It's For

WhiteTail Hunters

Ensure quick and clean kills with minimal tracking distance.

Big Game Hunters

Take down pronghorn antelope, hogs, and bears with ease


Experience the fastest fish removal with the Detonator Bowfishing Tip.

Turkey Hunters

Witness devastating results with every shot.

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