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Fire N The Hole

Fire-N-The-Hole Round Tip 125

Fire-N-The-Hole Round Tip 125

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Never lose that trophy buck again!

Nothing comes close to the stopping power of the Fire-N-The-Hole broadhead. The Fire-N-The-Hole Round Tip 125 Broadhead is a true game-changer designed to elevate your archery hunting to the next level. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this broadhead is engineered to bring down your prey with astonishing stopping power. The fixed blade design, paired with the 1" cutting ring, guarantees a wound channel that leaves nothing to chance. Say goodbye to prolonged tracking missions, and say hello to more time spent enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Style: Compound Bow; Crossbow
Grain: 125
Size: 1" diameter
Package Weight: < 2oz

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