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Fire N The Hole

Tomahawk 1X4 Mechanical Broadhead - Compound

Tomahawk 1X4 Mechanical Broadhead - Compound

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The mechanical broadhead to defeat all mechanical broadheads. 

The Fire-N-The-Hole Tomahawk 1X4 Broadhead boasts a different design from every other mechanical broadhead on the market and was created with 5 goals in mind: 1) Absolute pin point accuracy from the single beveled blades, which spin when they are shot. 2) The largest, heaviest, tough blade which does NOT break in normal hunting conditions. You will not break the blades. 3) Penetration second to none. With cut on contact point and a controlled expansion angle the broadhead glides through the animal. The controlled expansion angle retains the most kinetic energy entering an animal of any mechanical design, and allows maximum destruction of the vitals. 4) A firing mechanism that guarantees to open every time. 5) The largest cutting radius than any other broadhead. The 1X4-inch mechanical broadhead flies at a width of 7/8-inch and upon penetrating your animal expands to create a 4-inch cut resulting in a swift ethical kill.

The Tomahawk 1X4 stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and a relentless pursuit for perfection. 

Grains: 100
Size: 1" X 4" (7/8 inch closed; 4 inch open)
Weight: < 2oz

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